Design serves people. This is the reason I create. I revel in a healthy balance of good design and personal preference supported by a fulcrum of truth. The communication of what is seen and unseen (future design possibilities) is what energizes possibilities and new methods of functioning. When designing, whether it be in the context of environmental design, spatial planning, work or family interaction, wayfinding, interior design, graphics, or the multiple other platforms of design, I'm thinking of people through every stage of inspiration, ideation, and implementation. 

I've taught undergraduate art and design students at Indiana Wesleyan University for 15 years in design (specializing in interior design). Our new program, Design for Social Impact, was created to develop graduates who's mindset is focused on designing for people first. The projects we're working on are helping the student's rethink problems for clients and generate solutions that work effectively.

If you have any design problems that would benefit from a team of design thinkers, feel free to contact me.

Contact me at:

4201 S. Washington St.

Marion, IN 46952